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Tuk Tuk Tours Spain and Portugal

Explore Spain and Portugal with an Eco-Friendly Tuk Tuk Tour

Select Your City for a Unique Tuk Tuk Adventure

Live a unique experience with our tuk tuk tours. Choose your city, select your route and get ready to discover Spain and the magic of Lisbon in an eco-friendly way, book your adventure today!


Tuk Tuk group tour

Ecological Tuk Tuk Tours: A Unique Perspective

Experience Madrid from a new perspective with our tuk tuk tours. Go through the vibrant city life in an eco-friendly vehicle and capture unforgettable moments among historic monuments and lively squares. Make your reservation and let yourself be carried away by the charm of Madrid with Eco Tuk Tuk.


Rediscover Barcelona aboard an Eco Tuk Tuk. Stroll through its iconic streets and urban beaches with the sea breeze as company. Book with us and make your stay in Barcelona a sustainable adventure full of discoveries.

Feel the pulse of Seville from the comfort of an Eco Tuk Tuk. Navigate its history and modernity in a sustainable trip that will connect you with the essence of the city. Book now and transform your visit to Seville into an eco-conscious and joyful experience.

Explore Malaga and its secrets with the comfort and respect for the environment that only an Eco Tuk Tuk can offer. Book your place and get ready for a tour that will take you beyond the conventional, in the heart of Andalusia.

Explore Lisbon from a fresh angle with our tuk tuk sightseeing tours. Navigate through the lively cityscape in an environmentally-friendly vehicle, immersing yourself in historic landmarks and bustling plazas. Book your tour now and experience the charm of Lisbon with Eco Tuk Tuk today!


Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Tuk Tuk Tour?

Excellence Awardees

At Eco Tuk Tuk we are proud to have received the Travelers’ Choice award from TripAdvisor, a testament to the love and recognition of our customers, placing us in the top 10% of experiences globally.


Commitment to Safety

Confidence on every trip is vital. That’s why at Eco Tuk Tuk we not only rigorously follow all safety regulations, but we also implement additional measures to ensure that your experience is safe and comfortable.


Cultural Immersion on Every Trip

Each tour is a cultural odyssey. We offer you a window into the soul of the city, taking you to discover those hidden treasures that only the locals know, in an intimate and authentic journey.


Communication without Borders

We want you to feel at home, regardless of your language. Therefore, our multilingual guides are prepared to guide you through the city in both Spanish and English in the Spanish cities, and in Portuguese and English in the Portuguese cities, ensuring that the language barrier is never an obstacle in your experience.


Traveler Reviews on the Tuk Tuk Experience

Awesome, fun, and learning experience.

Our tour guide, Ivan was super knowledgeable, humorous and very attentive to our requests to stop at places of interest. Absolutely recommended. Thank you, Ivan.

– Hrcramirez, TripAdvisor
Great Tour!

I decided to take my family on this tour and it was fun! Super detailed & friendly tour guide Sara!!

– Kaira Y., TripAdvisor

It was an excellent tour! All the city highlights in a fun way. Our guides Pablo and Alex were truly great! They made the tour fun, interactive and interesting for our whole family, especially our children (11, 10 and 6). Would highly recommend for getting to know the cities major attractions in a fun way.

– Mtmena, TripAdvisor
We loved Gigi!

We had a tour of Europe this summer and visited 4 different countries with friends and let me tell you about Gigi our tour guide, she was absolutely amazing! She made us laugh so much! She looks very passionate about her job and did a phenomenal job explaining the history of Barcelona. We had several guided tours but Gigi left a huge impression for us. Her service is top notch and we couldn’t have been happier to have her as our guide.

– Arely Rodriguez, TripAdvisor
Nice and informative experience

This is truly a great and relaxed way to see Malaga. Inspite of being in Malaga 30+ times the guide (Alex) had a lot of new knowledge of sites and places. Even my two 10 year old boys claimed this to be one of the best things we did in Malaga as Jaime was amazing to get the the attention of children and adults.

– Milde13, TripAdvisor
Great first visit

It was our first time in Barcelona and this tour was a great introduction. Our tour guide Luis was fantastic!!! He was very knowledgeable and funny and kept us engaged the whole tour. We definitely recommend it!

– Destination281685, TripAdvisor
Great Introduction to Madrid

Great way to get an introduction to Madrid. Our driver/guide Paola was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. Even our teens liked it.

– SKSDIS, TripAdvisor

Great way to get an introduction to Madrid. Our driver/guide Paola was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. Even our teens liked it.

– SKSDIS, TripAdvisor

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