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Where does the Tuk Tuk come from?

Tour experto PLUS Barcelona Eco Tuk Tuk

This motorized tricycle, the most common means of urban transport in India and Southeast Asia, is increasingly seen in Spain by Eco Tuk Tuk, which offers its services in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga.

When you land in India or some Southeast Asian country for an exploratory vacation and find yourself at the airport with a mini three-wheeler with no doors or windows and a driver capable of fitting your luggage into the mini-cabin and taking you to the accommodation in exchange for a small price, one tends to make a comb to the traditional vehicle. Fuck the boring four-wheeler, with its five soundproof doors and air conditioning. Bring on that wind in your face, that drilling hum of a revved-up small engine, that feast of CO2 at every traffic light, when a gazillion similar exhaust pipes restlessly converge at the same point. Ubiquitous in the bustling streets of Bangkok, New Delhi or Beijing, tens of millions of people use it daily to get from one place to another. Except in major Thai cities, where their bold designs and electric colors have made them true icons of the new Siam, it is the poor man’s taxi. And of the foreigners.

Named in different ways around the world –auto rickshaw, samosa, tempo, tri-moto, bajaj, keke, napep, maruwa, tricycle, mototaxi, baby taxi, lapa, tukxi, cocotaxi or tuk tuk, the most widespread among Westerners– , it turns out that this picturesque means of urban transport is seen more in Spain thanks to Eco Tuk Tuk. But, yes, in a more comfortable and flirtatious version, and with a playful purpose. Often with a few foreigners on board who want to see the main landmarks of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga in a short time, in a casual and fun way, and safe from the crowds that form on the panoramic buses.

At Eco Tuk Tuk we think that these nice motorized tricycles, traditional in Asia and also in some developing countries in Africa and South America, adapt wonderfully to make tourist tours of the cities of Spain and that they represent a claim for all visitors. that arrive daily in our country.

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